An intentionally designed approach to your care.

Expert care with the whole you in mind.

Healing the body, by changing the mind.

Reducing your pain experience

We use body and mind approaches that reframe the pain, use the power of movement, and design a life for living. You have everything you need already inside of you.

Pain neuroscience

Understanding the power of your brain and nervous system to aid in the healing journey is vital to our clinical approach. We guide you through

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Movement and more

Your body was made to move! Let us help you transform your movement patterns into those that promote your health and well-being. Join us today and start your journey toward movement and health!

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In-person or virtual sessions

Whether you need hands-on care or virtual instruction, encouragement, and support, we meet you where you are. Our sessions provide customized care and educational insight into how your pain can be alleviated or managed well, leading to a fully engaged life.

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Why Choose Essential.

We tailor .

Common experiences

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“Michele’s care has been an abso.”


Are you ready for something new?

I know you’ve probably tried just about everything to heal your chronic pain. Will you allow me to share something new with you? Let’s create a new story together that frees your life from debilitating pain.

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